Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A month ago whilst watching the between-inning entertainment at the Cyclones game, Heather and I had a revelation and came up with the ultimate end-of-summer Birthday party: Field Day!

If I have learned nothing else this year it's that kiddie themed parties make the best parties and this one was no exception. Much to the joy of our fellow Prospect Park goers,there were egg-on-a-spoon races, three-legged races, potato sack races, and (supremely hilarious) dizzy bat races.

Oh, yes, and goodie bags for all. Nothing like drinking beer out of a silly straw.

I'd also like to introduce you to a little game called "Louisville Chugger" - thanks to Chip and Meredith and their recent trip to San Diego. Louisville Chugger involves cutting the end off a whiffle ball bat, filling it with beer, chugging that beer, spinning around the bat for as many seconds as it took you to chug the beer, and then trying to hit the beer can...madness and hilarity ensues...

I can't get stupid blogger video to load, but if I ever do I will post the video.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh me oh my, I am so behind!

Before posting the rest of the BBQ tour, I must catch up on a few other recent events...

FIRST: Labor Day. Which found me once again in Point Pleasant NJ drinking, playing drunken putt putt, and eating Kohr's frozen custard.

SECOND: Steph left us for Arizona. We sent her off with a night of monopolizing karaoke at Moonshine. I sang "I'll Be Missing You" by P.Diddy to her and it made her cry. No, not because my rapping was that bad (it was.) but because she was touched.

We'll be missing you, Steph :(

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Day two found Emily and I in Beaufort, the third oldest city in North Carolina, taking a census of wild horses. Yes, you heard me, wild horses. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are full of tiny uninhabited islands...uninhabited except for feral horses. These horses have been there since settlers left them there hundreds of years ago. Emily's family friend, who runs a local charter fishing boat, signed us up to help out with the census on Carrot Island, part of the Rachel Carson preserve. Dropped off on the island with a clipboard and a map, Emily and I trekked through the woods and sand all Croc Hunter style - the piles of horse poo everywhere were sure to lead us to some real live horsies...

We found one on its own in the woods, but finally found the mother load down at the watering hole. So neat. It made me falsh back to my days running around the backyard with Heather pretending we were Misty of Chincoteague...yeah, we were those girls.

All that horse counting worked up an appetite, so we got some tasty treats by the sea.

Nothing like a fried clam sandwich.

Emily had some fresh shrimp.

Then we hit up the beach...Nothing goes better with a bikini than a knee brace...

But, I took the knee brace off so I could go swim in these amazing

After freshening up, we went out with our "local" friends for a little "local" fun. The first place we went was this place called The Backstreet Pub - which was a really neat little bar where the fishermen hang out. After a few beers we grabbed some grub at Clawson's. I had some seriously delicious scallops drowning in parmesan cheese.

Yeah, I sure showed them.

I love that this was a top headline for the Dallas newspaper...

But, in other news, ouch.