Thursday, May 24, 2007

Did I mention we saw the World's Largest Boot at the Downtown Hoedown?

Yeah, who's the coolest? That's what I thought.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Heather, Lisa and I headed out to Detroit on Saturday for a brief but fun-filled weekend vacation.

What better place to start than Buddy's Pizza?

We took our very full bellies home and hung out on the swing by the lake (Lauren even stopped by for a brief visit!). Lisa said that being at our house was like camping. There was a party going on across the lake with live music. Water carries sound. Therefore, when a drunk dude decided to take over the mic and belt out "Fly Me to the Moon" he didn't just have his friends to be embarassed around the next day, he had shamed himself in front of the entire lake. Awesome.

The next day, we could hardly contain our excitement as we prepared to go to the game.

After a brief visit to the Porta John's at Hart Plaza...

...and a polish sausage or two... was off to pay our respects to Detroit's landmarks. We figured this would bring us good luck for the game. Our first stop was Joe Louis' Iron Fist, which we decided to kiss for good luck:

I actually licked the statue, so I guess it belongs to me now.

Our next stop was the Spirit of Detroit.

Then we went to Greektown hoping to find a fish market where we could buy octopuses to throw on the ice, but no such luck. It was time to head over to The Joe for the game...

Being at the game was unbelievably awesome - especially since our seats were in the 8TH ROW! So so cool.

We were all decked out. I even wore red underwear - and it's a good thing, too, cause my ass was hanging out of my pants!

After the players warmed up...

...there was an awesome pre-game pump up show. Those red lights in the photo on the left are these guys wearing construction helmets with working goal lights on them. Awesome.

The game itself was very exciting, though the outcome was less than thrilling. If you didn't see the game, you should know that the Red Wings played an entirely better game. The stupid Ducks got freaking lucky.

I will post some other time on the greatness of hockey, but for now, here's one reason:

Neither players nor fans are pansies when it comes to hockey, unlike some other sports (ahem, baseball...). We also would NEVER boo our own players (ahem, Yankees) - we CHEER when our players get penalties, cause it means they were socking it to the other team and defending our team's honor.

We DO, however, boo the other team's players. AHEM, Pronger. After his head shot to Holmstrom last week, every time he had posession of the puck, the whole crowd booed. It was fantastic.

Unfortunately, our good luck kisses to Joe Louis' giant fist didn't work. But we still had a great time.

AND went in search of autographs. Even, Steve Yzerman wouldn't sign Heather and Lisa's boobs...

But Lisa did manage to grab a couple on her jersey...

I believe this was Hasek (the goalie) driving away...

You can't possibly fathom the HOT HOT HOT-ness that is hockey players all cleaned up in person. I seriously almost had a heart attack when Lilja drove by, and, whew!, Lidstrom in his Bentley? HOT!!! My heart was racing. RACING! Even Chelios was super good looking up close.

I couldn't help myself, I HAD to buy a Wing Nut hat, it was just too awesome. You can sure as hell bet I'm going to be wearing it at the bar from now on.

The Wing Nut hat was a real hit at the Downtown Hoedown. Yes, folks, Detroit apparently has a free country music festival (since 1983!). I definitely had no idea of that growing up, but it was pretty fun that it happened to be going on this weekend.

...AND a country music festival means two things:

1) SoCo Slushies!

2) Mechanical bull riding!!!

I have obviously always wanted to do that. Done and done.

After a red eye in this morning it was straight to work - which is why I must go to bed immediately so as not to pass out face first on my laptop.

Thank you - Goodnight!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Between the Tigers and the Red Wings this was not Detroit's day.

On a happier note, though, Heather, Lisa and I will be at Game 5 Sunday in Detroit (8th Row!). Let's hope that's the last game necessary in this series...
Whew. 'Twas a marathon day yesterday.

I started with an early run & then got to preparing for our 1987 Summer School party (as in the movie with Mark Harmon). I decided to go with a nostalgic school lunch theme for snacks and bought a whole lot of Hostess, Little Debbie and Drake's baked goods.

Life was just a bowl of Twinkies.

AND what would a party be without streamers?

Then it was off to my sister's for a BBQ in honor of Keil's Birthday. They had a keg. It was Lisa's first experience with a keg (hey, we went to Columbia, what do you expect?).

My sister made her own pulled pork.

It was so delicious we couldn't keep our hands off it.

There were also burgers, mac & cheese, cole slaw, gauc (made by me), and other tasty goodness.

Linus kept trying to steal our food and beer, but Katie gave her a talking to.

Then we took the keg on over to my place (a sober man drove it over) and changed into our 1987 gear.

We broke out the old school Nintendo for the occasion. Kung Fu is kind of a dumb game. I say this because I suck at it.

I bought me, Heather and Lisa neon capri tights with lace bottoms at Strawberry and now I'm pretty much in love with them. Sure, they look ridiculous, but they are really comfy. Now I know why all those hipsters rock the capris under skirts/dresses look...

Lisa also represented with an LA GEAR jean jacket. It had shoulder pads. Awesome.

Lisa called these country club boys "The Chips."

No offense to the real Chip...

...who, as usual, had us stocked with champagne.

Yes, Kmart still sells jellies.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Are you a wing nut?

You should be.

We may have lost at soccer Friday night but the Red Wings won yesterday- AND will win the series tomorrow night.

I watched at Wade's with Heather and Keil as usual, but Shmu and Lisa were our special guests for the afternoon. With $2.50 drafts, it was a happy Cinco de Mayo. I made it to the park for approximately 30 minutes, and then it was off to Moonshine for the rest of the evening.

Today started with a run and then shooting some hoops with Andy. I'm just so excited that "spring" is finally here.

We also went to check out Michael Hearst play his new Songs for Ice Cream Trucks, which I think is just a great concept. I also got a free ice cream out of it, so that was very exciting.

Sorry for the lack of images - I need to start taking pictures again...