Sunday, August 10, 2008

Before I finish catching up on my last month, a brief check-in from crafty sam correspondent, crafty andy.

andy has been home in Indiana for the past week, and, after living with me for three and a half years, knows all too well that he couldn't go to the Indiana State Fair without sending me pics.

Andy's email:
Harley is the world's largest boar weighing 1121 pounds. the others should be self explanatory. enjoy.

okay, if all those were a little too morbid for you - this should make you feel warm and fuzzy (no pun intended...)

and what state fair would be complete without something carved out of a giant block of cheese?

Thx, Andy! And the rest of you can thank me for not posting the picture he sent of Harley's balls.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hi, strangers!

Thanks to the wonders of Time Warner Cable (cough cough) we've been without internet for a month. Hence the not posting.

BUT it's back and that means...

I have a whole lot of catching up to do.

A whole lot has happened in the past month. For instance, my garden grew:

Also, I got a giant street hockey ball shaped bruise:

And, you know, it was summer so, yeah, a whole lotta stuff went down.

I've taken the first step by actually transferring the zillions of pictures from my camera to the computer, so I'll try to actually post said pictures within the next week.

First things first...

Almost a month ago we went out for Debbie's Birthday.

Guess what came out with us?


Katie's roommate works for the Giants and since they won and all, the entire staff got rings. Man, that thing was heavy.

Oh yeah, we also sang karaoke.

And then went to the Slipper Room for some burlesque hosted by a creepy donut man.

Alright, that was just a taste. Much more to come.