Sunday, April 29, 2007

A thrilling weekend. So thrilling, in fact, that I spent most of today sleeping and/or watching TV...until about 6:30 when I forced myself to get my butt in gear, go for a run and then cook a tasty dinner so I wouldn't feel like I had wasted an entire day.

Last night was Julia's (& Wynn's) Birthday festivities. And as is usually the case with Birthday occasions, everyone was pleasantly pissed last night. Here are some pictures taken before we got to the point of trying to do pull-ups on the scaffolding outside Rockwood Music Hall...

I was also dogsitting for my dear niece Linus this weekend - which was lovely, mostly. I desperately want a dog, so it's fun when I get to pretend I have one for a weekend. HOWEVER, I wanted to throttle her yesterday when she spazzed out halfway to my sister's apartment and decided that she didn't want to walk any further. She kept sitting down in the middle of the sidewalk and refusing to move. At first coaxing her with baby carrots I luckily had in my bag worked to get her down a block, but after a while she just wasn't getting convinced for anything. It took me approximately three hours to make a 20 minute walk. I would be really mad, but how can you stay mad at this face?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The great thing about going on regular runs for the past week is I feel like I earn this for dinner:

Fried chicken from Chickory Brooklyn. YUM!

Chickory is really the only place I ever order in food from. They have such very tasty food, it's actually mainly pretty healthy (in terms of involving real vegetables and non-processed ingredients), and the prices ain't bad either.

Earlier in the week, Steph and I went to see Fountains of Wayne (a total sausage fest!). Before the concert we went to this Japanese place on St. Marks that I've passed a million times but never have gone in. The food was okay. BUT beer was $1.50 and you got to make your own cotton candy on your way out!!! I'm convinced every restaurant should have a cotton candy machine. Brilliant.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Such a happy camper.

So content with the weather this weekend. Yesterday was spent in Prospect Park and today was all about Sheep's Meadow. My body is definitely happy too because the nice weather means I'm actually going running and not just eating fried food all day. I went for a run tonight at 7:30 PM and it was perfection. The sun was going down over the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and there was a nice breeze...mmmm. One of the few times it's actually pleasurable to go for a run.

I'd be doing a little better if this Red Wings game wasn't in overtime right now...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally back in the swing of a normal really busy Sam week...

Last night I went to see Rodrigo y Gabriela at Webster Hall. I'm not normally into solely instrumental concerts, but I tell 'ya, they were phenomenal.

Tonight I went to the Yankees game...not exactly the best weather for it, but we had fun anyway. I think my bum is still frozen.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Diet starts tomorrow...

Yet another weekend of really unhealthy eating/drinking kicked off Thursday night when I went out with my new coworkers. After a disturbing trip to TGIFridays we ended up and Rudy's and enjoyed some free hotdogs.

Friday night was a "fun" cocktail party for Columbia young alumni that we had to go to cause Katie helped plan it. I am dumb and forgot my camera battery in the charger so I don't have pictures, but, take my word for it, we looked hot. It WAS fun getting dressed up...

Yesterday Lynn co-sponsored a charity bar crawl in the ole hood, so of course I partook in that.

I've never been on a bar crawl before, but it was a good time. As you can see in the above picture, we ate a whole lot of healthy treats like fried clam strips and chili cheese fries. As if those weren't enough, Stacy and I stopped in Rite Aid to pick up some more snacks and got called out by the man behind the counter...

Man: "Are you from Califronia?"

Stacy: "Uh. No."

Man: "Have you been drinking?"

Us: "Ummm, yes?"

Man: "Just so you know, I can smell it."

I mean, I don't think we thought we were hiding it seeing as though we were giggling and buying a bunch of junk food, but whatever.

By the time we got to our sixth bar I was definitely ready for bed. I tried to eat Chinese food and watch Stranger Than Fiction with Andy and Erica, but I fell asleep after approximately nine minutes and drooled all over the couch. Hot.

Today was totally lazy due to the "Noreaster" pouring down outside. Christie, Mer, Chip and I went to brunch on the rooftop of Alma - and felt like we had been transported to Florida during hurricane season. THEN we went back to Meredith's, made chocolate chip cookies, watched John Tucker Must Die and Drop Dead Gorgeous, and THEN went out for pizza.

Yeah, like I said, diet starts tomorrow.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter...YUM.

My sister made an awesome Easter dinner: Lamb, Pizza Rustica, Spinach, Beet/Avocado salad, regular salad, potato, rice, and lots of cheese from Stinky...Needless to say, after all that tasty food and many glasses of wine, I am ready for bed.